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Living Healthy with Sickle Cell Disease


Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a debilitating and painful genetic disease that may drastically lower both the quality and length of life for those born with it. While there is no cure for sickle cell disease, there are ways we can help our family, friends and neighbors manage this disease.

At UnitedHealthcare Community & State, we’re exploring new ways to improve the health and comfort of our members by complementing care provider treatment plans and serving as a resource to care providers and their patients. Areas we are exploring include:

  • Utilizing community health workers – our “feet on the street” to help remove barriers to care and help prevent hospitalizations.
  • Talking with members about the condition and encouraging recommended screenings and immunizations.
  • Providing case management services such as appointment scheduling and transportation information
  • Teaching members about the importance of pain medication management.

  • It is our hope that through a more holistic, personalized approach to treatment our members may live longer, healthier and more comfortable lives.

    For more information, please call 855-338-9351.