An introduction to social impact investing

Video: An Introduction to Social Impact Investing

Watch this Q&A session with Eleanor Beaber, Director of Social Impact Strategy, and Andy McMahon, Vice President, Policy, Health & Human Services, to better understand the basics of what social impact investing is and the impact on communities.

In this introduction, Eleanor and Andy will answer the following questions:

  • What are social impact investments?
  • How is Community & State thinking about investing in communities for impact?
  • Why is it important to UnitedHealthcare Community & State to invest in communities?
  • What types of initiaitves does UnitedHealthcare Community & State support?
  • What are some examples of this work in action?
  • How is UnitedHealthcare leveraging grant funding versus social impact investments?

Eleanor and Andy are both UnitedHealthcare Community & State Perspectives authors.

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