When your day job is your life’s work

Video: When Your Day Job is Your Life’s Work

How our employees are using their pasts to create a better health care future for all.

They say to really understand where a person is coming from you should walk a mile in their shoes. At UnitedHealthcare, many of our employees have done just that – literally. From being former Medicaid members themselves, to volunteering in their communities to working for change, many of our employees have a unique, personal understanding of the people we serve.


“At the heart of it, we are here to serve people in our communities.” - T. Beeter

This first-hand experience powers the innovation and compassion that is driving quality of care and improving outcomes for our members. Discover how our backgrounds inspire and inform our work.

“We try to help other people find their happiness by removing complications, being a beacon of hope.” 

T. Beeter, Senior Claims Business Process Analyst

“Meeting people where they are. Being able to touch someone's life in real time.”

-Nikki Bagby, Medicaid Outreach Manager

“The heart grew in that social worker role. And then I was really intrigued by impact.”

- Amy Adlington, VP of Human Capital

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