National FQHC Advisory Board

The UnitedHealthcare Community and State Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Advisory Board serves as a council to provide input and guidance to UnitedHealthcare on the policy and practice issues and trends relevant to FQHCs and strengthen the conversation and collaboration between managed care and FQHCs to shape the future of health care delivery.

The goals of the National FQHC Advisory Board are to:

  • Elevate provider voices and perspectives
  • Advance awareness and knowledge of successful practices to support access to high quality health care for the populations served by FQHCs and managed care
  • Identify emerging trends, community-based innovations, and policy issues in health care and human services
  • Determine ways to use data to improve collaboration and overall health outcomes
  • Identify clinical, financial, and operational opportunities and risks
  • Develop policy recommendations for federal and state reforms that advance health equity, expand access, and improve outcomes
  • Demonstrate the value FQHCs and managed care collaboratively bring to the health care system
  • Serve as a forum for feedback and reactions to UnitedHealthcare initiatives impacting FQHCs and their patients

Our Board members:

National FQHC Advisory Board initiatives: 

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