Maternal Health

At UnitedHealthcare Community & State, we’re committed to supporting pregnant individuals throughout their maternal health journey, from before pregnancy to after childbirth. Our goal is to improve both the pregnant individual and child’s health outcomes by increasing access to care, considering whole-person health, and reducing health disparities.


Pregnant individuals in the United States experience adverse maternal and birth outcomes at higher rates than in most other developed nations. Medicaid covers nearly half of all births in the U.S. and is the primary source of health coverage for low-income, pregnant individuals. Learn how Medicaid can support members throughout pregnancy and improve health outcomes.

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Improving Maternal Health Equity

The maternal mortality rate among Black individuals is three times higher than that of white individuals – one of the widest disparities in maternal health. Improving health equity for better maternal outcomes is a top priority at Community & State.

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Doula Care

Doulas can help pregnant individuals decipher medical jargon into plain language, prepare them for the demands of their pregnancy journey, and connect them to necessary medical and community resources and services. With doula care, impacts to health can be significant, including lower rates of depression and anxiety, cesarean sections (C-sections), and use of pain medication.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 22 at noon CST for a conversation with Elizabeth Simmons, founder and CEO of The Doula Network and a leading advocate for doulas as fully recognized members of a pregnant individual’s care team. This discussion will look at how doulas provide community-based, culturally appropriate birthing support and how their work contributes to improved maternal health outcomes. Elizabeth will share the trends she’s currently seeing, how The Doula Network is responding and why she is passionate about the role doulas play in creating positive birthing experiences. Register here


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Access to Maternal Health

Ensuring comprehensive access to services is critical. Improving a pregnant individual’s access to medical care, social support, finances, internet, transportation, and other important needs results in improved maternal health outcomes.  

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The Value of Managed Care

Medicaid managed care can provide pregnant individuals much needed access, preventive and coordinated care, and continuity of care for its members. Additionally, it can provide a wide range of services and benefits, such as culturally competent care, specialty case workers, and doulas.

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Mental and Behavioral Health

The postpartum period can be a continued risk for maternal health. Depression, anxiety, and relapse, if previously diagnosed with substance use disorder, can result in serious complications for the individual and baby. Addressing behavioral and mental health challenges through all stages of one’s maternal health journey is key to improving outcomes.

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Member Experience

Pregnancy and childbirth are transformational for both the pregnant individual and the baby. Ensuring that our members are safe and supported throughout their experience is our priority. Here are some of their stories.

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