Partnering with North Carolina Providers

Partnering for success in the new world of health care.

From technology and patient needs to payment models and innovative partnerships, trends are converging in  a rapid and exciting fashion. We’re all in it together: patients, care providers and payers. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan shares your commitment to delivering a superior patient experience and improving health outcomes. 

We believe that the best solutions come when we work together with care providers. We share the power to chart a new path, creating a stronger health care system that works better for everyone. And we’re ready to support you with tools and data resources designed to help you serve your patients and allow your practice to thrive.

Every aspect of the health care experience is evolving.

Tackling our shared opportunities - together.

The changing health care landscape has opened up new opportunities to work together to identify and address the medical, behavioral and social needs of your patients, helping you deliver the best possible experience and improving their overall quality of life. Here are just a few examples of how UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is already collaborating with care providers in other markets.

Delivering outcome-based, community level support.

Through our Small Steps program, we partner with large clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to help fight obesity and encourage patients to make positive changes in their eating habits. Small Steps is focused on motivating patients to meet with the FQHC/clinic nutritionist, visit a weekly farmers’ market held at the FQHC/clinic, and keep “taking Small Steps to make a big difference” in their health.

Integrating care across disciplines.

Our Patient-Centered Care Model identifies high-risk patients and deploys locally-based Community Health Workers to meet and engage with them. 

Our goal is to get involved before a patient’s needs become critical, and connect all care providers so you can approach each patient in an integrated, holistic way. This allows for increased visibility across all involved care providers — both medical and behavioral — and a more collaborative, comprehensive approach to care, helping patients stay more actively engaged in their own care.

Improving health literacy and access to care.

We offer a number of patient education programs and services designed to make it easier for your patients to engage in their own health. Whether it’s educational programs like nutritional advice or exercise coaching, rewards programs for completing preventive visits, mail order prescription services, or even free transportation to doctor’s appointments, we’re here to support the care you deliver.

Addressing social needs that impact medical health.

Each day individuals experience social challenges that have a negative impact on their medical and behavioral health. Many don’t know where to go or who to ask for help. That’s why UnitedHealthcare Community Plan case managers use a tool called Healthify. Healthify is an online database of social services classified by type and by geography. It’s designed to help find local community services, like affordable housing, clothing, transportation and food. The tool is accessible by smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and includes thousands of resources — allowing our team to effectively connect individuals to social services that can help them overcome barriers to their health.

DID YOU KNOW? 4 out of 5 physicians think patients’ unmet social needs lead to worse health outcomes and are as important to address as medical conditions.

Simplifying the experience for care providers.

With UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal – your gateway to UnitedHealthcare’s online tools ‒ you can get member eligibility, benefits and claims information for Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid members from a single, secure website. UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal has enhanced features that can help make transactions with us faster and easier, so you can access the information you need without jumping between websites or picking up the phone.

Making a commitment to care providers.

We’ve heard from care providers like you that their most critical responsibility is their patients’ care. And we make it our responsibility to help you deliver that care. We know the trends driving change in the health care industry represent a challenge to everyone — patients, payers and care providers. We know that success in the “new world of health care” depends onmeeting the needs of each individual — whether patient or care provider.

Our community-based partnerships and locally-based employees enable us to be part of, and fully understand, the communities and neighborhoods we serve.

We want to connect with you to understand the unique challenges of your practice, your patients and your landscape. We’ll bring our experience and lessons learned from care providers across the country.

Together, we can achieve successful solutions and contribute to a new health care model that controls costs and rewards care provider performance —while making the system easier for those we serve.

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