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With our new care provider website,,  everything you need is in one place. We designed the site with you in mind. You’ll be able to quickly find the information and online solutions you need. 

  • A predictive search function with filtering and sorting capabilities to help you find what you need faster
  • A personalized view for signed-in users
  • An easy-to-read design that looks great whether you’re on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone

Your peers helped name and shape this new “front door” website, and we want your feedback to help us prioritize future enhancements. After you’ve visited the site, click the Feedback tab on the right side of every page to send us your thoughts and suggestions. You also may be randomly selected to take a short survey.

If you have questions, call the UnitedHealthcare Connectivity Help Desk at 866-842-3278, option 1.

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