Celebrating health centers: Rooted in communities

One in every twelve people living in America rely on health center services – 28M treated in 2018.  That’s why this summer UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will support National Health Center Week by celebrating our Federally Qualified Health Center and Rural Health Center partners. 

These relationships are imperative to our mission of helping people live healthier lives, as they provide high quality, cost effective, accessible care to those that need it most.  To celebrate the work and services Health Centers provide within their communities, we are supporting nationally through several resources and encouraging celebrations and appreciation events nationwide.      

This year, we are focusing around the theme of Rooted in Communities by recognizing the broader communities that are making a difference in people’s everyday lives.  This of course includes providers, but also may include personnel working in food banks, shelters, housing, employment and transportation services.

To stay rooted in our communities and say thank you, several different types of events may take place.  These celebrations could take shape in many different forms including: community outreach activities, open houses, free breakfast or lunch deliveries, charity events, visits from a political representative, onsite demonstrations, donations, health fairs and more.   

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