Texas hurricane relief efforts

Video: Texas Hurricane Relief Efforts

The 2017 Hurricane season has been one of the worst on record. Watch this video to see how UnitedHealthcare came together to support our members and community in times of crisis.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria had devastating impacts throughout the southeast region of the United States and the Caribbean. UnitedHealth Group and its employees wasted little time to come to the aid of our colleagues, the individuals we serve and communities throughout Texas, Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The storm and damage will fade from the media, but the impact will last for years for Texans:

  • 27 trillion gallons of water fell in 6 days
  • 51 inches of rain
  • The weight of Harvey’s floodwaters sank Houston by 2 centimeters
  • $75 billion in estimated losses
  • There were 72,000 rescues
  • 33 counties were under Federal Disaster Declaration

Our response during the storm:

  • Manually reached out to 7,300 members to discuss upcoming refills of critical, life-sustaining medications.
  • UnitedHealth Group donated $1million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
  • UnitedHealth Group Giving! Program offered 2:1match fordonations = $2.3 million
  • Assembled 5,000 hygiene kits for the community

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