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One of the key factors to ensuring whole person health is ensuring fresh, healthy foods aren't only a choice, but an option for families nationwide. This can be a particular challenge in urban areas where access to fresh, whole foods and the knowledge needed to make healthy food choices can be limited.

To expand access to fresh, healthy foods, United Health Foundation has teamed up with Recipe for Success, an organization committed to combatting childhood obesity by changing the way children understand and choose what to eat. By helping the community provide healthier diets for kids, it will be easier for future generations to make better food choices, the effects of which can last a lifetime. 

The United Health Foundation partnership with Recipe for Success kicks off in Houston, Texas. According to America's Health Rankings, Texas ranks 40th in the nation in obesity, with 32.4 percent of the population having a body mass index of 30.0 or higher.

Through a $675,000 partnership grant from United Health Foundation, Recipe for Success will improve access to fresh, healthy food in underserved communities in South Houston. By working with Houston's Hope Farms in support of their Hope Farmer program, the grant will train local veterans interested in owning farms to be urban farmers, and will provide an opportunity for them to colonize a seven-acre plot of their own. The initiative will also devote 4.5-acres that can generate 106,000 pounds of produce annually for families through on-site and citywide markets. Moreover, the initiative aims to empower families to make healthy choices through nutrition classes, meal prep and interaction with the veteran farmers.

Partnering with organizations like Recipe for Success and Hope Farms can impact health for the better and help build healthier communities for families, such as those in South Houston.

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