Investing in communities for impact

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In 2019, UnitedHealthcare Community and State, in partnership with UnitedHealth Group Treasury, supported healthier communities through $9M in community investments and partnerships with more than 45 organizations.

Capacity building
$1.6M in grants and loans to 22 organizations to expand access to services and improve quality of care.

Affordable & supportive housing
$6.4M in tax credit investments in affordable housing for two properties and $50K in grants to support two housing initiatives.

Public health crisis
$390K in grant funding to ten organizations addressing the opioid epidemic and child and maternal health.

Integrated health & social services
$720K in grants to seven organizations piloting or scaling collaborations between health care and social service organizations with the goal of improving health and well-being.



2019 community investments for impact
Investments were made statewide and/or in specific communities in the identified states.


UnitedHealthcare Community and State is partnering with local leaders to scale best practices and improve health in communities. We are prioritizing proven initiatives that address public health issues, integrate health and social services, increase health care and social service sector capacity, and expand access to affordable and supportive housing.

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