Sesame Workshop Comfy-Cozy Spaces Foster the Health and Well-being of Children and Communities

Approximately 754,000 children live in public housing and about 2 million live in Section 8 housing.1 UnitedHealthcare is partnering with local nonprofits and community organizations to donate Sesame Workshop Comfy-Cozy Spaces to be included in public housing as well as education and health centers in cities across the United States. Spaces such as this can profoundly and positively impact childhood development and well-being and provide essential access to resources and care for children, families, and caregivers.

The Sesame Workshop Comfy-Cozy Spaces will include resources for families and caregivers to foster the health and well-being of children and communities. By the end of 2022, UnitedHealthcare will have funded 14 Comfy-Cozy Spaces in six cities:

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Houston, Texas
  • Washington, D.C.

UnitedHealthcare is teaming up with the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, Star-C Programs, the Detroit Housing Commission, the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, New Hope Housing, and Unity Health Care in D.C., among others, to donate the new spaces.

What Are Comfy-Cozy Spaces?

Comfy-Cozy Spaces are Sesame Street-decorated, child-friendly spaces designed to encourage family connections and foster conversations on the health of children between parents, caregivers and providers. These spaces include resources created by Sesame Workshop, such as books and activities about resiliency and building confidence. The spaces have colorful Sesame Street Muppet murals on the walls to create a fun and playful environment.

The Comfy-Cozy Spaces build upon Sesame Street’s 50+-year commitment to addressing kids’ developmental, physical, and emotional needs. Resources and tools are included to help caregivers and families understand how they can help children feel safe, seen, and hopeful. Materials were developed based on formative research and an existing library of resources designed to help young children and families build a foundation for lifelong healthy habits.

The resources address a range of well-being initiatives including food insecurity, physical activity, developmental milestones, and healthy habits. These help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

UnitedHealthcare and Sesame Workshop Partnership

UnitedHealthcare and Sesame Workshop have partnered for more than 10 years on initiatives that improve the well-being of young children and families — especially those who can most benefit from the services — by building a solid foundation for lifelong healthy habits.

Storybooks created in partnership with Sesame Workshop help parents, caregivers, and children build resilience and process big feelings together as a family. The three new storybooks on resilience feature Sesame Street Muppets Karli, Lily, and Alex. 

The books talk about building flexibility, confidence, and patience. These and other printed Sesame Street in Communities resources provide new tips for caregivers and will be available in the new Comfy-Cozy Spaces. 

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