Member Story: Trepagnier family

Bringing a newborn home is a joyous occasion, but it can also be a challenging time, and the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated things further for new parents everywhere. It wasn’t until two parents in Orleans Parish were getting ready to deliver their fourth child at the hospital when they learned that they tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily their newborn tested negative for the virus, and they were able to receive treatment to manage their diagnoses, but they still had to return home to care for their three other children ages 4, 8 and 12 years old.

Brandie, a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Louisiana Healthy First Steps Care Manager, called the Trepagnier family as part of a routine check-in. Mrs. Trepagnier explained that she was not sure how she was going to get food for her family since they were under quarantine for COVID-19 and unable to leave the house – she was genuinely concerned that they would run low on necessities in the upcoming days.

Brandie put in a referral for the family to receive an emergency food box through a program created to help UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the program, individuals who couldn’t get to the store or find local resources, would receive a box of non-perishable foods including noodles, rice and other items. Brandie also coordinated a meal delivery large enough for the whole family through Mom’s Meals - a program that provides meal delivery to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members after a hospital discharge.

Mrs. Trepagnier was incredibly grateful for the support we were able to provide to her and her family stating that we came to her during a dark time, calling our staff angels. As an LPN, my job is to help members manage their conditions and live healthy lives, but there are so many other factors that impact health, and to have access to a program like Mom’s Meals makes a real difference.

Brandie Verrett, LPN, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Healthy First Steps Care Manager

After Brandie addressed the Trepagnier family’s immediate needs, she reconnected with Mrs. Trepagnier to check-in on her wellbeing since she has a history of hypertension. Brandie knew it was critical to make the mom’s health a priority because hypertension can lead to postpartum preeclampsia, poor maternal health outcomes and hospital readmission. Brandie was able to help Mrs. Trepagnier monitor her blood pressure telephonically and coordinate a virtual postpartum visit with her OBGYN.

Mrs. Trepagnier reports that she has had some lingering side effects from COVID-19 and must regularly use an inhaler, but she has been able to resume her work. The school aged children of the family are being homeschooled and their infant is now a healthy ten-month-old.

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