Partnering in Maryland to Improve Health Equity and Quality of Life for All

Video: Partnering with HCDI to improve health equity and quality of life for all

Research shows much of healthcare is determined by social factors. As such, it’s critical to dig into and understand social determinants data to overcome social barriers.

With this focus in mind, we’re working with HealthCare Dynamics International in Maryland to focus on quality improvement, clinical transformation and population health.

Using human-centered design, HealthCare Dynamics International identifies the stakeholders in vulnerable populations, where they are and how health care resources can help. Operating under the four major pillars of research, communications, strategic alliances and community outreach, our collaborative efforts are targeted toward ensuring health resources and services are delivered to the right people when and where they need them.  

Working together with HealthCare Dynamics International, our goal is to improve critical quality measures around diabetes, cancer screenings, maternal health and more. See how we plan to execute additional shared strategies to accomplish our objectives. 

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