Telehealth program maintains quality care for nursing home residents during COVID-19

Video: Telehealth Program Maintains Quality Care for Nursing Home Residents During COVID-19

At the onset of COVID-19, care providers suddenly had to find new ways to communicate, care for and maintain relationships with their long-term care patients while remaining outside of care facilities. Based on direct feedback from local nursing homes, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Massachusetts helped bridge this gap by equipping local nursing homes with tablets, enabling care providers to collaborate with staff inside the facility and ensure continuity of care.

Utilizing telehealth, UnitedHealthcare providers are able to offer socially distant, high-quality care, including physical examinations. This has not only provided aid to the facility’s clinical staff, but has kept residents from having to leave the nursing home for emergency care. The tablets have also helped combat isolation by creating a way for residents to virtually connect with their families and friends.

Learn more about how UnitedHealthcare is accelerating telehealth delivery and creating new COVID-19 best practices in this video.

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