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It is our privilege to work with you to help Ohioans live healthier lives. It is our goal to help the health system work better for the state, care providers, community organizations and the people we serve.

Michael B. Roaldi
CEO — Community Plan of Ohio

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio shares the State of Ohio’s vision of all Ohioans receiving high-quality, comprehensive and appropriate care. We are firmly committed to the continual advancement of the health care delivery system and are committed to improving the health and wellness of our members, as well as the larger communities in which they live.

At UnitedHealthcare we leverage our national footprint and enterprise experience to drive local solutions that meet the needs of unique communities. As the insurer for over 2 million Ohioans, and nearly 275,000 Ohio Medicaid members, we are committed to working toward improving health outcomes and delivering top value to taxpayers. To do that, we incorporate the following operating principles.

Actively engage members in their health.

Ensure care is member-driven and responsive to individual needs. By coordinating care and streamlining the care delivery system, we connect members to the care they need, when they need it.

Employ a multi-disciplinary approach to drive better health outcomes. Multi-disciplinary teams composed of varying types of providers should wrap around the individual and focus on the best health outcome and achievable positive health status of the individual. Member engagement improves outcomes and lowers costs.

Address the specific needs of the community and individuals.

Collaborate to address the social determinants of health and improve overall well-being. By emphasizing whole-person care and employing a broad array of strategies, we can address the social determinants of health including poverty, housing, transportation, access to healthy food, and physical activity. A data-driven approach coupled with community-based connections and services maximizes the opportunity to bolster the health outcomes for individuals.

Promote intensive understanding of the uniqueness of our local communities. From the urban centers of the state to the rural regions, care and providers must account for the size, breadth and complexity of the challenges facing each region. The ability to leverage network relationships, especially across multiple lines of business, enhances access and promotes a more complete experience and understanding.

Ensure appropriate care of populations. Properly stratifying the needs and understanding the unique circumstances of individuals to serve Medicaid enrollees better.

Collaborate to address community and social needs.

Use targeted and evidence-based interventions to close health disparities. Efforts focused on reducing or eliminating specific health and health care disparities should be reflected through care coordination approaches and culturally distinct practices to address the inequities that result in disparate care. Programs should center on strong connections between individuals and their providers.

Support partnerships with providers to enhance overall outcomes. Deep-rooted and balanced partnerships with providers are essential to improving population health outcomes. Mutual respect and solid connections accelerate innovative arrangements.

Streamline administrative inefficiencies to drive additional savings. Consistent and accurate information bolsters member engagement. Working together, the state, providers and payers can improve the quality of data.

Create strong and sustainable partnerships.

Fortify the social and health infrastructure of our communities. Well-established relationships and continual collaboration with community partners are critical tools in addressing dynamic health and societal challenges.

Drive proactive interventions to reduce adverse public health outcomes. A multi-faceted response to urgent public health needs harnesses the tools and capabilities brought by providers, payers and the community.

Ohio is facing many significant challenges and new barriers to better health will continue to emerge. The state requires partners dedicated to addressing these challenges. At UnitedHealthcare, we continually drive innovative ways to address the challenges that our members face. Using different data sources and tools to improve our approach, we maintain and improve quality through practical and creative problem-solving, rooted in quality-improvement science. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback as we stay committed to improving Ohioans’ health.

For more information about UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio, our services and community outreach activities, please contact:

Amy N. Swanson
Vice President of Marketing, Advocacy and Member Experience UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio, Inc.
5900 Parkwood Place,
Dublin, OH 43016
Phone: 330-472-4350

Jeffrey Corzine, MS
Vice President, Strategic Account Development, Ohio
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio, Inc.
5900 Parkwood Place,
Dublin, OH 43016
Phone: 614-307-1101

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