Partnering to promote immunizations in Ohio

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is proud to work with the Ohio Department of Medicaid and our partners in Medicaid Managed Care to stress the importance of regular well-child check-ups and immunizations.

To promote this message in the communities we serve, the “Getting My Shots Are Good for Me!” art contest was created.

The contest was developed by a cross functional work group that included representatives from all five of Ohio’s managed care plans (MCP’s) and the Ohio Department of Medicaid.  The contest asked children to draw, color, paint, or sculpt their interpretation of the theme.  Winners were notified by representatives of the work group, congratulations to:

Siberia B. 1st Grade: pencil/crayon art

Jenean S. Kindergarten: clay art pieces   

A very special “thank you” to all the parents who took the time to work with their children on creating a piece of art for the contest. We are proud to work with the state and our partners to help the members of the communities we serve live a healthy life. 

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