People experiencing homelessness and complex health needs require more than a place to sleep

That’s why UnitedHealthcare created Housing + Health, a targeted and integrated solution for UnitedHealthcare members with complex medical conditions, behavioral health issues, and social disparities, such as homelessness. In communities across the country, Housing + Health is stabilizing the lives of high-risk members who are unhoused, while curbing health care costs and improving outcomes. 

Growing Hope and Health in Housing

For some of our members, utilization of the health care system is just one of many components to achieving good health. Members who live with complexities, like those experiencing homelessness, often seek help with frequent visits to ERs, hospitals and other facilities. These individuals seldom see improved health outcomes, yet the cost of care accumulates. 

To help address these needs, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and Crossroads Rhode Island formed a strategic partnership that helps to expand housing services for members experiencing homelessness or who have unstable housing, coupled with significant health care costs. 

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and Crossroads work together to provide housing assistance, transportation, in-person case management, and other support needs to help participating members improve their health, adhere to medical treatment plans, and address long-term housing arrangements.

Today, there are ten UnitedHealthcare members currently enrolled in the program and living in a renovated home located in Pawtucket, where each member has their own dedicated unit.

A stable home is vital to overall health. Together, we hope to significantly grow this program and continue to improve people’s lives one home at a time.

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