Pursuing CQL Network Accreditation in Tennessee

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee is taking steps to become the first managed care organization to achieve CQL Network Accreditation. The path to achieving Network Accreditation is a multi-year process, which will officially begin June 1, 2021. The pursuit of this prestigious designation demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the quality of services and the quality of people’s lives across the state.

“Prioritizing CQL accreditation signals our deep commitment to serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Tennessee," said Keith Payet, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee. "The process of accreditation will ensure high quality services and enhanced quality of life for our members and we are honored to be the first health plan committed to the process in Tennessee and nationally.”

The impact of Network Accreditation

CQL Network Accreditation will help build capacity for quality monitoring and enhancement. The components of Network Accreditation broadly include an alignment with the highest standards in human services, implementation of best practices, integration of CQL’s internationally-recognized tools, utilization of data to assess organizational initiatives, and continuing partnership and collaboration to embrace ongoing transformation throughout the network.

“The pursuit of Network Accreditation shows how dedicated the team is to strengthening the services of its members, and most importantly, enhancing the lives of people with disabilities,” says Mary Kay Rizzolo, president and chief executive officer, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. “We are just starting out on this journey with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee and we’re already inspired by their level of excitement involving Network Accreditation.”

Network Accreditation provides a consistent framework for defining, measuring, and evaluating quality from the perspective of the person receiving services. The Team can then better assist its members in designing and implementing responsive, person-centered supports so that people with disabilities can achieve their personally defined outcomes. The components, tools, and approaches of Network Accreditation expand beyond reviewing policies and procedures to exploring how they are put into practice and impact people’s lives.

“This process is all about improving services so that people can make their dreams a reality,” adds Katherine Dunbar, vice president of accreditation, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. “Whether it’s getting a job, living independently, or building relationships, Network Accreditation provides clear guidance to ensure its members’ services are supporting people to live the lives they want.”

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee - with support from CQL - will also be launching an informational campaign to educate relevant stakeholders about Network Accreditation, communicate the critical role that each stakeholder plays in the process, and share timely updates about the latest developments. This campaign will be carried out through virtual and in-person meetings, town hall events, webinars, and trainings, along with engagement through print, email, and social media channels.

“Person-centered excellence is the foundation of high quality, cost-effective care that empowers people to live their best lives in community. This is especially true for people who receive long-term services and supports," said Patti Killingsworth, chief of long-term services and supports, TennCare. "Tennessee was the first state in the country to attain CQL accreditation of its I/DD delivery system under the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee will become the first MCO in the country to earn this distinction. We are so pleased that the team is making this commitment to serving all of its members, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

To learn more about the CQL Network Accreditation process visit www.c-q-l.org

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