Giving Seattle kids a boost with new clothes and shoes

One hundred kids in Seattle received clothes and shoes delivered by Seahawks Defensive End Darrell Taylor. The event was sponsored by UnitedHealthcare and took place at Dunlap Elementary School. Students from Rainier Beach High School and South Shore also received items.

Addressing kids' basic needs for clothes and shoes can help them build confidence. It also makes kids feel safe and comfortable, which is a building block to good health.

Fighting stigma and improving self-esteem

Providing clothing and shoes that fit well and are weather-appropriate to children who may not otherwise have them also allows kids to feel good about themselves. Anecdotal evidence from programs that give shoes to children who most need them show the recipients have improved school attendance, activity levels and self-esteem.1

Families with clothing insecurity may not have clothing or shoes that fit properly, are in wearable condition or appropriate for the weather. Providing clothing to families in these circumstances allows them to use money for other needed items. 

Clothing insecurity is rising and can be dangerous to health

Families are facing issues paying for necessities such as rent and groceries, and while clothing insecurity may not seem as dire as these needs, it can affect children greatly.  Wearing ill-fitting or the wrong type of clothing is not only embarrassing for kids it can also be dangerous to their health if they don’t have weather-appropriate coats or other items.

Since 2010, UnitedHealthcare has partnered with more than 50 professional athletes in cities across the country and donated more than $1 million to Dreambuilders community projects that partner with professional athletes to distribute the items.2 Having children meet a sports hero, such as a Darrell Taylor, gives them a boost and can encourage them to try new activities or increase their physical fitness.

Caring for children by supporting their financial, physical and mental health is necessary during these times when families face greater challenges than ever. It is one way that UnitedHealthcare is helping communities meet greater needs.

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