Improving COVID-19 vaccine confidence

As we talk more about promoting the COVID-19 vaccine and improving vaccine acceptance, we need to ensure that everyone has access to a vaccination site. At UnitedHealthcare Community & State, we’re working with local community partners to deliver the vaccine in communities where our members live. This includes acknowledging that Black Americans may have additional barriers to access, including personal experiences with discrimination and abuse within the medical system. By helping individuals access factual information about the vaccine and understand when they are eligible, we can improve vaccination rates.

In this video, Dr. Stephen Cha, Counselor to the Secretary of U.S. Department of Health &Human Services (HHS) (formerly Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealthcare Community & State), explores:

  • Why COVID-19 vaccination rates are lower among Black Americans
  • Factors affecting confidence in vaccines
  • Vaccine concerns and barriers prevalent among Medicaid populations
  • Effective messengers and messages to improve vaccine acceptance, including working directly with Black providers and community leaders
  • The role of managed care organizations (MCOs) in improving vaccine confidence
Video: Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence
Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence video still

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