Vaccine Confidence Roundtable: Building Confidence in Medicaid Communities

The public health efforts we drive today will impact both COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and the acceptance of vaccinations as a whole. This roundtable, featuring UnitedHealthcare leaders, explores how managed care organizations are building relationships with local partners to build vaccine confidence in the communities they serve. Throughout the roundtable, we discuss:

  • Challenges facing providers and members as different vaccine options become available
  • Working with faith and community-based organization partners to host vaccination sites and build vaccine acceptance through trusted leaders
  • Addressing unmet SDOH in tandem with vaccination efforts
  • Enhancing outreach and building vaccine trust in Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) populations, which have a lower rate of vaccine acceptance due in part to a long history of mistreatment within the health care system 



Video: COVID-19 Vaccine: Building Confidence in Medicaid Communities

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