Emerging Trend: Health at home

A number of telehealth policies were altered at the beginning of COVID-19, allowing virtual platforms to increase their capacity to deliver care. With telehealth utilization becoming more prominent among our members, we have seen new challenges emerge, including a lack of access to broadband — but we have also seen new benefits, such as a decrease in transportation concerns.

In this video, Kersten Burns Lausch, Director, Policy & Strategy, explores:

  • Telehealth as an emerging trend
  • Factors that affect telehealth usage
  • Permanency of telehealth policy changes that occurred during COVID-19
  • How the expansion of telehealth services has affected Medicaid enrollees
  • How telehealth impacts health equity
  • How telehealth expansion during COVID-19 transformed how providers practice
Video: Emerging Trend: Health at Home
Emerging Trend: Health at Home video still

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