Emerging Trend: A look at the coming year

Following the publication of this year’s Emerging Trends in Public Programs report, we’re already focused on what comes next. We asked members of our leadership team what trends they're watching &  we heard a broad range of possible impacts to the Medicaid programs for the coming year, including:

  • Implementation of more value-based payment models geared toward behavioral health, especially for populations that may not already utilize these services.
  • Heightened focus on health equity, including in rural communities.
  • Improved use of data and digital platforms, including how we connect with partners to utilize data findings and create interventions.
  • Evolution of services for individuals with complex care needs and improving support for family caregivers.

Explore more expected trends for the coming year in this video. 

Video: Emerging Trend: A Look at the Coming Year
Emerging Trend: A Look at the Coming Year video still

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