National Advisory Board Member Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan has an inspiring background – after spending three years in the U.S. Army, he practiced general law in California and eventually narrowing his caseload to personal injury. In 1994 Gary was appointed to the Fort Peck Court of Appeals in Montana and served there for four years as an Associate Judge and six years as the Court's Chief Justice.

In 1975, Gary was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and now describes himself as “a constructive quadriplegic,” who requires assistance with practically all daily activities. Gary continues to overcome daily trials by seeing it as a challenge to meet, he says “everyone has challenges and I happen to have a physical challenge and I do the best I can with it.”

Although now retired, he is a member of the Tennessee CHOICES program and serves on their Systems Transformation Leadership Group, as well as on various local advisory groups.  Since its inception in 2013, Gary has also served as a board member on UnitedHealthcare Community and State’s National Advisory Board (NAB).

“UHC and I are perfectly aligned in that I want to speak and they are more than willing to listen.”

As an advocate for the MLTSS community and their Caregivers, Gary believes serving on the NAB gives him, not only the opportunity to impact the priorities and challenges faced by MCOs, but also provides an opportunity to reach a much larger community of legislators and professionals who establish policies, procedures, and priorities for the MLTSS population.

“I am especially pleased with the work the UHC’s NAB has done regarding ensuring a higher quality of life for the entire complex population and for emphasizing the importance of caregivers, both paid and family. It is very gratifying to know that my tenure on the NAB has not only contributed to a higher quality of life for the complex population, but my being a member has also contributed greatly to my own personal knowledge and experience with those for whom I advocate.”

“I am especially grateful to UHC for not only being a company of integrity and excellence, but also having a sincere desire to listen and constantly improve upon the services they deliver.”

Learn more about our National Advisory Board or learn more about our MTLSS program.

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