National FQHC Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin leads innovation in community health care by improving patient outcomes and experiences. As President and CEO of DePaul Community Health Centers, Mr. Griffin runs a non-profit health care organization with a 187-year history of service to New Orleans.

Mr. Griffin works to provide access to compassionate, holistic, high-quality and preventive health care services, regardless of patients’ ability to pay, while leading his organization’s expansion from one to ten health centers, more than twenty school-based sites, and four mobile medical and dental units, serving more than 55,000 patients annually. He is a leading proponent of patient-centered care and quality.

Joining the UnitedHealthcare FQHC National Advisory Board (FQHC Board) in 2012 - Mr. Griffin is one of the longest tenured members sharing valuable insights for eight years. Mr. Griffin believes the FQHC Board, “Bodes well for helping UnitedHealthcare meet the needs of FQHCs, who in turn utilize the assistance and support in the communities we serve.”

Studying the impact of social determinants of health in underserved communities is something Mr. Griffin is very passionate about explaining, “People who are challenged by a lack of housing, food, finances and employment must have their needs addressed for them to be able to take advantage of primary and preventive health care. Their social determinants of health should not prevent them from having access to high-quality care.”

The teams at DePaul Community Health Centers and UnitedHealthcare work together closely in the New Orleans community – previously partnering to launch a community health worker/navigator program and most recently a Diabetic Wellness Days pilot to ensure individuals with chronic health conditions have access to wraparound care.   

Learn more about the National FQHC Advisory Board or DePaul Community Health Centers.  

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