The future of SDOH & managed care

Video: The Future of SDOH & Managed Care

Social drivers of health (SDOH) have been top of mind in health care for several years as the link between social factors and physical health becomes more clearly defined. COVID-19 and the recent emphasis on the issue of systemic racism have created an even greater focus on SDOH. Managed Care Organizations are well-positioned to drive a more strategic approach to addressing social needs. UnitedHealthcare Community & State has rolled out numerous data-driven initiatives and programs specifically aimed to address health disparities and unmet SDOH to help individuals and our communities thrive. This includes developing new programs to support members facing food insecurity and assist individuals in need of secure, affordable housing.

In this video Sarah Glasheen, Senior Director of Policy and Strategic Engagement for UnitedHealthcare Community & State, discusses these new initiatives as well as policy changes at the local, state and federal level that focus on addressing SDOH and the intersection of health and community. 

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