Grants help community-based organizations meet emerging community needs

Video: Grants Help Community-Based Organizations Meet Emerging Community Needs

Community-based organizations (CBOs) have been key to providing care and resources like food and employment support during the pandemic. With many CBOs experiencing increased demand, or needing to find new ways to engage with their community at the beginning of COVID-19, our Community Plan of Massachusetts was quick to offer funding to help local organizations expand their offerings and meet emerging needs.

By providing grants to CBOs across the state, we supported community-based health centers, nonprofits addressing food insecurity, immigrant support services, elderly care resources and more. Explore the full list of grant recipients here:

Through these grants, we aligned with each organization’s existing mission to improve health outcomes in their local community. Hear from some of the recipients, including how they have used their funding to accelerate their goals and serve more people, in this video.

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