Massachusetts' approach to personalized care

There is no such thing as a broad approach when it comes to our member health experiences. Personalizing how we engage with new members is integral to the quality of care we provide. At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Massachusetts, all members are assigned a care manager. This individual will assist the member with their functional, mental health and service needs.

We ensure each member is seen as an individual and engages in their customized care in a way that works best for them

For instance, we expanded our provider options to align with member preference for language, gender and background to address the cultural and language expectations of our members.

Day 1

  Member becomes effective

Day 1-10

  Assignment of care manager


Day 10-30

  Member receives a welcome kit in the mail

  Initial outreach/welcome call

  Initial Health Risk Assessment (HRA)/member stratification

We innovate in areas most relevant to improving members’ quality of life.

A good example is our work to expand community activities in response to addressing issues with members experiencing loneliness and isolation.

We invest in systems integration and data-sharing technology to better support the member experience.

Our intent is to provide better data to key stakeholders and ensure that we include data from all sources to improve better health outcomes. We also gather feedback from caregivers through focus groups and surveys and then act on this feedback. For example,

  • In response to feedback from the 2018-2019 Chinese survey, we ensured that we have Chinese debit card benefit materials for members, and
  • In response to feedback from the 2019 Russian town hall, we were able to work with an Aging Services Access Point to address specific complaints and provided members an overview of the transportation benefit

In a May 2020 telephonic member survey, 96% of respondents stated they were satisfied/very satisfied with theplan overall.


Through December 2020, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures member satisfaction, was 82. This high NPS is attributed to improvements we’ve made in addressing previous member complaint trends such as the debit card benefit, which was a new benefit for members in 2020.

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