UP collaboration celebrates capabilities of adults with disabilities

Video: UP Collaboration Celebrates Capabilities of Adults with Disabilities

United Partners (UP) of Pflugerville, Texas is a non-profit vocational community that has been helping adults with disabilities live their best lives since 2017. We're proud to support them in their mission of providing both whole-person care and meaningful work and service opportunities for their participants.

In this video, you'll meet UP's Executive Director, Debbie Wiederhold, who was inspired to launch the non-profit after driving her son with special needs for several hours a day to attend a different care facility. Today, she and her staff serve many participants from the Pflugerville area in a comfortable home setting.

The program offers:

  • Activities and learning opportunities for six hours a day, four days a week
  • Daily meals and exercise
  • A daily discussion on cultural and current events
  • Group and individual projects, including crafts and baking

View this video to learn more about the UP partnership and how it's helping participants' capabilities shine.

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