Access to Care: Roundtable discussion on telehealth

Video: Access to Care: Roundtable Discussion on Telehealth

COVID-19 has pushed the health system to reimagine care delivery. And while the growing trends in telehealth utilization have the potential to improve access and quality of care, they are also accentuating key issues many Medicaid members face in accessing needed care. Through telehealth, providers are embracing new, innovative ways of practicing medicine while offering flexible, convenient experiences for our members — especially those with complex conditions. In addition to improving access to care and reducing care costs, telehealth also makes it easier for members to coordinate appointments, connect with their care provider and manage their care to reduce emergency visits. This convenience encourages higher utilization, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

While the role of telehealth is still evolving, it is clear that the health care system will continue to lean into providing more virtual care moving forward. Watch as UnitedHealthcare Community & State professionals discuss the expanding role of telehealth in this roundtable.

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