Health equity in Medicaid report: Challenges & opportunities

At Community & State, we’re committed to making the health care system work better for everyone. One important way we do this is by working to address disparities that prevent people from living their healthiest lives.

We partner with local and national organizations to gather and evaluate data, design innovative programs, and invest in communities across the country with the goal of closing gaps and improving health equity.  

Report on health equity in Medicaid

The 2022 Report on Health Equity in Medicaid details how the topic of health equity is permeating national and state Medicaid-related conversations. It highlights how Community & State is working to contribute to the systemic changes needed to improve health equity.

Executive Summary

Full Report

Community investing

Community investing is a way to provide financial resources to individuals and communities that are economically disadvantaged, under-resourced and/or medically underserved. We have implemented a three-pronged strategy that employs community investment grants, tax credits, and social impact investments to help improve communities’ health and well-being. Learn more about our innovative community investment partnerships.

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