New campaign and website aim to improve perception and understanding of Medicaid

The COVID-19 pandemic created financial hardship including job loss, inability to work and reduced income for many. Nearly 30 million people did not have health coverage at the height of the pandemic1 while, at the same time, preventive care visits declined by more than 20%.2

Some of these people may have forgone care or needlessly paid for care out of pocket when they could have qualified for Medicaid. Unfortunately, many who are eligible for Medicaid don’t apply because they may not realize they are eligible.

People are often surprised by who is eligible for Medicaid

A recent survey funded by UnitedHealthcare showed that more than half of those polled believe an individual is only eligible for Medicaid if they are unemployed. Yet, that is a misperception. In fact, 62% of Medicaid members living without disabilities are working or in school and 12% are looking for work.3

Medicaid can be used by people in all stages of their life. This includes students, college graduates, people with part- and full-time jobs. It can be crucial coverage during significant life events; for example, between jobs, after a person ages out of their parents’ insurance, when someone is expecting a new child or after the loss of a spouse.

The survey also showed that more than half of consumers polled had a more positive perception of Medicaid after they learned more about it. That’s another important reason we are focusing on correcting misperceptions about Medicaid.

To help, we have created Individuals can learn about Medicaid eligibility and use their ZIP code to find out what coverage options are available in their community. We are also working with social media influencers and traditional media outlets to raise awareness about who qualifies for Medicaid and delivering educational messages in both English and Spanish.

Our goal is to make it easy to understand the options available and to remove any stigma surrounding the program so that people can consider it for their health insurance needs. There is no reason for anyone to go without health care coverage — especially if they may qualify for affordable or even no-cost plans. To learn more visit

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