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Committed to creating healthier communities for New Mexicans

Community & State is the business segment of UnitedHealthcare that provides health care coverage for beneficiaries of Medicaid and other government health care programs. These health plans operate locally as UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

In New Mexico, our team strives to provide high-quality, affordable and individualized care, and we work every day to ensure we deliver on this commitment for our members. The State of New Mexico’s goal is to transform lives by partnering to design and deliver innovative, high-quality health and human services that improve the security and promote independence for New Mexicans in their communities and we are proud to be a partner in their mission.

To continue to drive New Mexico Medicaid toward a best-in-class model we are committed to:

  • Implementing solutions in response to the barriers faced by our community partners who are working tirelessly to expand access to critical resources
  • Emphasizing person-centered care in order to improve population health
  • Identifying and addressing system inequities, eliminating barriers to care, and supporting a modernized Medicaid program to advance health equity
  • Being a catalyst for generational change

UnitedHealthcare Community & State has in-depth experience and knowledge of the New Mexico market. We live here. We work here. Our strong local presence enables us to see the opportunities as well as the issues, so we can deliver effective solutions to address the specific needs of New Mexico. We care about all segments of the population of New Mexico and are inspired to create unique, innovative programs that address the needs of children in foster care, justice-involved people, older New Mexicans, Native Americans, and people facing housing and financial insecurity.

It’s our privilege to work within the New Mexico healthcare system and the Human Services Department to help people live healthier lives.

Thank you,

Drew Peterson
CEO – UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Mexico

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan in the news

UnitedHealthcare Awards Grants in New Mexico
UnitedHealthcare awards nearly $200k in grants to four programs addressing social determinants of health in New Mexico communities. Download PDF

Spotlight: Community Grant Recipients
RoadRunner Food Bank is addressing food insecurity by providing food to kids and families via schools across New Mexico. UnitedHealthcare is empowering RoadRunner Food Bank with a community grant to expand their Childhood Hunger Initiative. Download PDF

Back-To-School Appointment Checklist
Dr. Donna O'Shea, Chief Medical Officer of Population Health at UnitedHealthcare, outlines preventative care tips for New Mexico parents heading into a new school year. Read Article

NM Seniors Need More Social, Community Connections
Dr. Rhonda L. Randall, Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual, shares the importance of social services and community engagement to promote independence and improved health outcomes among seniors in New Mexico. Read Article

Use a Health Plan to Help Achieve Your Resolutions
Dr. Donna O'Shea, Chief Medical Officer of Population Health at UnitedHealthcare, outlines preventative care tips for New Mexico parents heading into a new school year. Read Article

Investing in SDOH Education

Through a $180,000 grant from UnitedHealthcare, the University of New Mexico has launched a Social Determinants of Health curriculum. The program aims to help students across a variety of majors including engineering, science and law connect their area of study to social needs that impact health outcomes. Read Article

Caring for Students in Cuba, New Mexico
UnitedHealthcare partnered with Cuba Cares, which works to meet the needs of students in the Cuba Independent School District, to provide shoes to 100 students at no cost. With 1 in 5 students in the district experiencing homelessness, this represents an opportunity connect kids in our community with the resources they need to live healthier lives. Watch Video

National Latino Behavioral Health Association Tackles Mental Health and Substance Abuse
The National Latino Behavioral Health Association works to address the mental health and substance abuse crises faced by New Mexicans, including young Latinos who may experience challenges seeking care. UnitedHealthcare is supporting their work through community grant funding to add additional interpreters and increase preventative services related to substance abuse. Watch Video

Supporting Maternity Care with the New Mexico Doula Association
UnitedHealthcare has provided community grant funding to the New Mexico Doula Association, an organization working to address critical maternity care needs across New Mexico by making doula care inclusive and accessible across the state. Watch Video

Senior.One Connects Elderly Communities to Health Resources
Senior.One is expanding its impact through a community grant from UnitedHealthcare. Senior.One connects seniors throughout New Mexico with local community organizations and care advisors to help seniors navigate the resources available to them. Watch Video

UnitedHealthcare Partners with Roadrunner Food Bank
RoadRunner Food Bank is addressing food insecurity by providing food to kids and families via schools across New Mexico. UnitedHealthcare is empowering RoadRunner Food Bank with a community grant to expand their Childhood Hunger Initiative. Watch Video

ABQ FaithWorks Collaborative: Finding Solutions to Help House Homeless
ABQ FaithWorks Collaborative brings together 16 faith-based organizations to provide resources and support to address homelessness in Albuquerque. UnitedHealthcare is supporting ABQ FaithWorks with a community grant to expand their network of care for people facing housing insecurity. Watch Video

The Weekend Radio: First Responder Suicide Prevention
New Mexico Suicide Prevention Coalition’s First Responder Task Force works to bring mental health training to first responders in rural communities. UnitedHealthcare is supporting the Task Force in bringing this critically-needed training to first responders across the state. Listen to Audio

KTRC: Latino Behavioral Health Spotlight
New Mexico youth are facing a mental health crisis; Latino youth face additional barriers in accessing care. Through policy changes, funding, education and improvements to service delivery, the National Latino Behavioral Health Association is working to address health disparities. UnitedHealthcare is proud to support this work through a community grant. Download MP3

KTRC: New Mexico Doula Association
New Mexicans face challenges accessing maternity care - especially in rural areas. The New Mexico Doula Association is working to close the gap in care by improving access to doulas throughout the state to support parents before and after birth. Download MP3

Radio: New Mexico Primary Care Association

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Mexico's CEO, Drew Peterson, highlights the work of the New Mexico Primary Care Association alongside Eileen Goode, CEO of the Association. Listen to Audio

The Weekend Radio: NM Perinatal Collaborative
Mary Kate Hildebrandt with New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative discusses the need to improve access to safe and respectful care across New Mexico, particularly in rural communities that are more likely to be maternity care deserts. UnitedHealthcare is supporting the work of the New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative to improve the quality of perinatal care. Listen to Audio

The Weekend Radio: Supporting Families of Missing Persons in New Mexico
Regina Cachon from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety/Missing Persons Clearinghouse shares an event to support the families missing persons in New Mexico. Inspired by the Missing and Murdered Indigineous Women and Relatives Task Force, the event will bring together law enforcement, counseling and resources. UnitedHealthcare is supporting the families of missing persons by partering with Optum Health to provide counseling for families at the event. Listen to Audio

The Weekend Radio: Senior.One Provides Resources and Support
Evan Thompson from Senior.One and Linda Atencio from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Mexico discuss the challenges faced by seniors in New Mexico. Senior.One provides free care coordination services to support seniors and their families in identifying and connecting with resources in their community. Listen to Audio

The Weekend Radio: Roadrunner Food Bank Meets Critical Needs State-wide
Katy Anderson, Chief Programs Officer of Roadrunner Food Bank and Drew Peterson, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of New Mexico, discuss how Roadrunner is addressing food insecurity across the state, including underserved communities. UnitedHealthcare's community grant will be used to support food access through schools in Roswell, NM and develop an outdoor marketplace for people with chronic conditions to access fresh, healthy food. Listen to Audio

The Weekend Radio: New Mexico Doula Association
Doulas impact maternity care, especially in rural areas in New Mexico. The Executive Director of the New Mexico Doula Association and UnitedHealthcare's Linda Atencio explain the importance of doulas, and the Association's work to improve accessibility and inclusivity of maternity care in New Mexico. Listen to Audio

The Weekend Radio: Economic Council Helping Others
Nanette Pinkey, CEO of Economic Council Helping Others, and UnitedHealthcare's Linda Atencio share ECHO's work to support communities in San Juan and nearby counties. ECHO received a community grant from UnitedHealthcare, which will support its emergency rent and utility assistance programs, and expand its food box programs for individuals with medical dietary needs. Listen to Audio

Building a healthier New Mexico through community engagement and strategic local partnerships

UnitedHealthcare is committed to building trust with our members and the communities we serve through strategic local partnerships and engagement with community-based organizations. This “on-the-ground” and localized approach allows us to better understand and address barriers to better health.

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Partnering with providers to advance health equity and improve health outcomes through value-based care

We aim to make a meaningful impact on the healthcare delivery system and improve health outcomes for the individuals we serve by supporting providers and implementing effective value-based care models.

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Addressing access to care through comprehensive and integrated whole person care

We partner with local care providers and community-based care programs to help people meet their medical, behavioral and social needs. Our person-centered approach starts by building trust with the individuals we serve as we work to empower our members to be active participants in their own health.

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Meeting our members where they are to address social drivers of health

As a connected part of the communities we serve, we are equipped to identify and understand the social drivers driving poor health outcomes. We are committed to meeting our members where they are to address the social and environmental factors related to their well-being.

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