Dedicated to serving Colorado

We are committed to building healthier communities across Colorado in partnership with the State, counties, providers, community leaders, and our members. Together, we can create equitable, community-centric solutions that drive improved quality and health outcomes.

It is our privilege to work within the Colorado healthcare system to help people live healthier lives. Our team is deeply embedded in the communities that we serve. Our experience living and working in Colorado informs the way we serve our members. In support of our mission to advance access to and quality of care in Colorado, we’re focused on the following priorities:

  • Delivering high-quality, value-based health care and care coordination
  • Advancing health equity, including for rural and frontier communities
  • Addressing social drivers of health to improve whole-person health – inclusive of physical, behavioral and social needs
  • Developing innovative programs and partnerships that have a lasting impact on population health and access to care

To support these goals, we maintain a culture of quality and operational excellence that aims to lower costs, maximize value, and increase member and provider satisfaction. Through operational excellence and stewardship, we aim to drive high-quality health outcomes while protecting the financial and programmatic integrity of the Colorado Medicaid program. Our strong local presence and deep experience in Colorado enables us to deliver innovative solutions that transform and simplify care – all in support of our goal to help people live healthier lives.

Patrick Gordon
Chief Executive Officer – Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Advancing health equity through a social justice lens

We work to advance health equity by eliminating barriers to care, addressing systemic inequities and supporting a modern Medicaid program that addresses social determinants of health. Our health care vision is inclusive of historically marginalized and underserved communities.

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Fostering strong relationships with community organizations, state and county partners, tribal leaders, and providers to improve health outcomes

We partner closely with stakeholders to develop community-driven solutions to help people address the full spectrum of their wellness needs. In the process, we seek to make meaningful improvements to the communities we serve by strengthening their physical, behavioral and social wellbeing.

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Meeting our members where they are to address social drivers of health

Social, economic and environmental factors have a profound impact on health. We partner closely with providers and community organizations to uncover and address needs that drive health outcomes. This work requires a person-centered approach to meeting the whole-person needs of our members and the communities that we serve.

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Improving health outcomes through integrated, accessible value-based care

We work within our team, with healthcare providers and with the State of Colorado to provide our members with access to the right care at the right time. By closing gaps in care, reducing disparities, and promoting preventive measures, we can directly impact population health.

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