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All of us at UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin are humbled to serve the state of Wisconsin with high-quality and equitable health coverage that is focused on the needs and goals of our members and their families. Our work is done by establishing meaningful relationships with our members, our providers, our community-based partners and the state. It is through these partnerships and relationships that we can meet our goal of improving the health and well-being of our friends, our neighbors and our communities.

Each member of our committed, diverse and talented health plan brings their own experiences, passions and values to help our members meet and exceed their unique and personal health care goals. It is through this local and personal engagement that allows us to help our members live healthier lives while improving the health of our communities.   

In every call, in every visit, and in every meeting, our team knows that they have the opportunity and privilege to make an impact by building strong and meaningful relationships. This approach is part of our culture and helps us in: 

  • Creating strong, meaningful relationships with providers, community-based groups and the state that drives population health improvement while addressing health disparities.
  • Delivering member-focused, comprehensive and coordinated care that is cost-effective and leads to better health.
  • Investing in local programs and initiatives that improve individual and community health, increase capacity for community partners and providers, and address social barriers that negatively impact health and wellbeing.
  • Building a health care environment that supports the needs of pregnant mothers to improve the health outcomes of our mothers and our newborns. 
  • Reducing unnecessary processes and operational redundancies so we can solve issues efficiently and effectively.  

Thank you,
Kevin Moore
CEO – UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin

Improving population health one member, one neighbor, one family at a time

Our team is focused on identifying and addressing key social barriers to health and uses a range of methods to improve health equity. We are proud to have achieved NCQA Health Equity accreditation and are building off this success to improve our processes and partnerships. We also understand and value the critical roles that local community-based partners, providers and advocacy groups play in meeting the social needs of the community. We aim to be humble partners in our collaborative work to enhance the efficiency and capacity of these partnerships. 

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Supporting the health of babies and mothers before, during and after birth

Our team is committed to helping mothers and their children by identifying and addressing health, clinical and social barriers they face. Our work for our mothers and kiddos includes “building on the basics” such as increasing immunization rates for children to advocating for additional resources and services, such as culturally aligned doulas, to increase the number of healthy births and put our children on the path toward a long and healthy life.

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Improving health care delivery through increased alignment

Our team is identifying ways to improve care coordination and data exchange for individuals enrolled in all our products and services.  We know that our member is also a patient and could be a client. Understanding and aligning social, behavioral and clinical services will reduce duplication of services while instilling needed trust in the health care system for our members.

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Creating high-quality outcomes through operational excellence and programmatic stewardship

We are focused on ensuring that our operations are providing the data, dollars and education to our partners in a timely and collaborative manner. We know and value our role as committed stewards to the limited state and federal resources that support our members. We know that through operational excellence and stewardship, we can meet the needs of our members while protecting the financial and programmatic integrity of the Wisconsin Medicaid Program.

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Health equity accreditation

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin was awarded the Health Equity Accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for meeting or exceeding rigorous requirements for health equity. NCQA is the National Committee for Quality Assurance, a private, nonprofit organization that Accredits and Certifies a wide range of health care organizations. Read more about this award. 

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