At Community & State, we are well-positioned to make a real contribution to solving one of the toughest challenges in health care today: how to best deliver and manage care for low-income and disadvantaged Americans.

Moving from health coverage to health cares

Every day thousands of our people interact with our members. We are guided by a compassionate culture that is responsive to our members’ real needs. We have transformed the way we work to become a partner in our members’ care, putting their experience at the center of how we operate. We’re empowering people to become actively engaged health consumers, and they are driving our innovation. We have built a business that serves millions of people effectively, day after day. But success for us means responding to each individual, every time, with compassion. One person at a time, millions of times.

Using data and technology to unlock new possibilities

Providing coverage for millions of people generates an enormous amount of data and insights that give us a comprehensive picture of the health of the population we serve. Translating that into actionable information is opening up new possibilities and giving us new ways to be more proactive and personalized in the services we provide. For us, big data is practical data: it empowers everyone in the health care system – care providers, policy makers and members themselves – to identify the areas of greatest need and make more informed decisions.

Taking a “whole person” approach to care

Our “whole person” approach to care means understanding how someone’s circumstances impacts their health and well-being. Living a healthier life is not just about the treatment of disease. So we are taking an integrated, comprehensive view of a person’s needs, ensuring that medical, social, behavioral and addiction support work hand in hand. At Community & State, we see the many different interactions that take place across the entire health care system – and that means knowing that we have a key role to play in putting together the pieces of the health care puzzle to help the system work better for everyone.

Creating a more sustainable health care system

These are extraordinary times in health care and we are excited about what tomorrow holds. Certainly, there are many challenges ahead, but there is also enormous potential to reshape health care for the future. Working in partnership with others, we will play our part in creating a more inclusive and sustainable health care system; one that works better for everyone – including those in the greatest need and the most vulnerable among us.

Committed to serving your community

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