Tennessee Employment & Community First CHOICES Program

To help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee strives to improve access to health information, programs and preventive care for our members and our communities across the state of Tennessee. 

One of these programs is Employment and Community First CHOICES (ECF CHOICES). ECF CHOICES is an integrated and person-centered program for people of all ages who have an intellectual and/or developmental disability (I/DD), including people who have significant disabilities. The program aligns with incentives toward promoting and supporting integrated, competitive employment and independent living as the first and preferred option for individuals with I/DD.

When the ECF CHOICES program launched in 2017, Brian L. was one of our first referrals. Brian is located in rural Walland, TN, which makes it challenging to find a provider to work with him. Before joining the ECF CHOICES program, Brian was a recluse in his room and glued to video games day and night. He was living with his parents and according to his sister, "had been plagued with excessive grouchiness, sleepiness, and self-seclusion."

When Brian joined ECF CHOICES, Amy T., an ECF CHOICES Support Coordinator for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee, was assigned to his case.

With the support of Amy, his direct support professional (DSP) and his natural supports or family members, Brian has been able to learn and do things at home and in the community that he was not able to do before.

“She (Amy) has enriched his life beyond our hopes…I cannot express our gratitude for the (ECF CHOICES) program and all the wonderful people involved in all of its aspects. It is thrilling to have my happy and active brother back.” - Brian's sister


Brian has gotten access to the care providers he needs. He has gained more independence, become more active in the community and been able to explore job opportunities. He goes on “dinner and shopping dates” with his DSP, and even joined an exercise club.


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