Whitepaper: An Environmental Scan of Self-Direction Across UnitedHealthcare Community & State Health Plans

Self-direction is a model of long-term care service delivery based on the principle that people with disabilities or serious illnesses know their needs best and are in the best position to plan and manage their own services.

Today, over 1 million Americans self-direct with at least one program available in every state and over 250 programs nationwide.

In 2022, in coordination with Applied Self-Direction, Community & State conducted an environmental scan of its self-directed offerings. Program administrators from Community & State health plans across the country responded to an in-depth survey on self-direction.

Read our whitepaper for our survey findings on the benefits and challenges of self-direction as well as best practices for this model of care service.

  • Learn about current levels of engagement
  • Discover the numerous benefits of self-direction
  • Gain an understanding of barriers to the expansion of self-directed care
  • Find out about key strategies and actions that support its success


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