Value-based care programs in North Carolina

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina is committed to supporting our provider partners as they work to improve the health of our members. Through development of value-based programs focusing on preventive health care, we are closing care gaps, improving quality, reducing costs and providing incentives that benefit our provider partners, while enhancing the health of our members. We believe the best solutions come when we work together with providers and contribute to a health care model that rewards outcomes and makes the health care system easier to navigate for those we serve.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina has instituted two provider incentive programs since Medicaid Transformation launched July 1, 2021. The Primary Care Professional Incentive (CP-PCPi) program offers eligible provider partners the opportunity to earn financial incentives for helping their patients who are Plan members become more engaged in their preventive health care.

Since program inception, UnitedHealthcare has provided over $4 million in incentives to more than 740 providers.

The UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Health Equity Program Incentive (CP-HEPi) program will provide incentive payments for positive outcomes tied to preventive measures among underserved populations, including controlling high blood pressure and childhood immunization. CP-HEPi aligns with the NC Medicaid Managed Care Quality Strategy to promote equity through reduction or elimination of health disparities. UnitedHealthcare has provided over $122,500 in incentives to more than 528 providers.

We understand successful outcomes rely on coordination with and responsiveness to our provider partners, and we strive to foster collective accountability, while keeping lines of communication open and active.

As we continue to develop our value-based program approach, the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina remains committed to improving program flexibility, enhancing supporting data and reports, and promoting payment transparency.

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