Spiritual Support program helps members connect with Chaplain

Video: Spiritual Support Program Helps Members Connect with Chaplain

Spiritual support can mean different things to different people. For some, faith is tied to a specific religion, while others see themselves as spiritual, but not religious. For the UnitedHealthcare Spiritual Support program, spirituality is the thing that drives you from the inside and helps you be the best self you can be. Through the program, members meet with a chaplain to reconnect to their own spiritual resources or just to have someone listen. The program is designed to help people of all spiritualities and faiths and has led to positive outcomes. For example, inpatient admissions and emergency room visits decreased by 14 – 16% and overall medical expense fell by 11%.

In this video, Jessica Pomales, Chaplain, Complex Care Management and Deilasheun Botts, MSN, Senior Director, Complex Care Management, both of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas, discuss the Spiritual Support program. 

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