Resilience and hope: Carmelia’s story

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Virginia member Carmelia Dennison’s life changed dramatically when she experienced a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), or stroke.

“Two years ago, I had a deadly, silent, sleeping stroke,” she said. “Before I went to sleep, I was just like you. When I woke up, I woke up like this, and a lot was gone. I felt helpless, hopeless. And then UnitedHealthcare became a part of my life.”

Working with her UHC care coordinator, Carmelia has been able to gain access to stable providers and engage community resources, such as food delivery. She’s had a ramp installed at her home, where she has been able to continue living through the assistance of her care team and UHC benefits. The ramp will assist with use of a custom motorized chair, which her providers are working with her to obtain.

In reflecting on her member experience, she said one of the biggest differences UHC has made in her life is that she is no longer scared to go to sleep at night, but instead eager for each next day.

“Through the talking and communication with the nurses, they’ve given me hope, they’ve given me inspiration, and they’ve given me belief within myself again.”

Hear more from Carmelia in this video.

Video: Resilience and Hope: Carmelia's Story
Resilience and Hope: Carmelia's Story video still

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