Advancing access to care for families in Phoenix

Video: Advancing access to care for families in Phoenix

The United Health Foundation partnered with Valle del Sol Community Health to provide $3 million in grant funding to advance health equity for children and families in Arizona. Through this partnership, Valle del Sol has brought primary and behavioral care to thousands of students from underserved communities in Phoenix. The mobile unit travels to middle schools and high schools to provide primary care, immunizations, psychiatry, and behavioral health services.

  • Nearly 2,000 students are receiving health services.
  • 818 students have received immunizations.
  • 954 students have been screened for anxiety, depression and/or ADHD.
  • 1,430+ students have been connected to a behavioral health provider.
  • Of those receiving treatment, 8% have seen a decrease in anxiety symptoms.

“We are very excited to partner with Valle del Sol to have two mobile units that will increase equitable access to care,” said Jean Kalbacher, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Arizona. “The Valle del Sol mobile unit brings medical care and behavioral care directly to children, families, and communities.”

This collaboration bolsters UnitedHealthcare’s commitment to advancing health equity, reducing disparities and improving access to care for the people we serve in Arizona.

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