One Pass provides a hybrid solution to improve Pennsylvania members’ health

Consistent physical activity has been shown to improve brain health and strengthen bones and muscles.1 It also reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Almost one-third of Pennsylvanians are experiencing the effects of two of these conditions. A 2023 KFF survey found 32.8% of Pennsylvania residents reported having symptoms of anxiety or depression.2 It was additionally determined that in 2021 the obesity rate in Pennsylvania was 33.3%.3

Improving health outcomes by increasing physical activity is commonly pursued through gym memberships. However, the portion of new gym members who cancel their memberships within the first six months is 50%.4 Reasons for cancellation include costs, scheduling and transportation difficulties and social anxiety.

Digital workouts are increasingly sought after to engage in physical activity while avoiding social anxiety triggers, transportation difficulties and, depending on the service, costly membership fees. A recent study from the National Library of Medicine found that study participants using online workouts reported benefits to their mental health, added structure to their day, increased social connection and had a reduction in feelings of isolation.5 Studies have also shown that home-based exercises and digital health interventions improve physical function in older adults, reducing the number of falls and improving quality of life ratings.6

Dedicated to improving health outcomes in Pennsylvania, UnitedHealthcare is now offering the One Pass program as a hybrid solution to provide physical activity opportunities that are both flexible and digitally connected. An Optum benefit, One Pass is the largest national Medicaid fitness network in the industry. The program’s mission is to make fitness flexible and engaging for everyone. One Pass helps individuals reach their whole-body health goals while having fun and discovering new passions along the way.

This program provides UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Pennsylvania Medicaid and CHIP members 18 and older unlimited access to multiple network locations each month, with the ability to change locations any time. Members can access digital fitness solutions including thousands of workout videos and customizable workout builders. 

UnitedHealthcare is committed to supporting whole-person health, providing not only quality care but investing in resources to encourage healthy lifestyles. Providing flexible gym access and working to reduce barriers to physical activity, UnitedHealthcare is there for what matters. 

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