Helping members navigate health care: Camille’s story

Video: Helping Members Navigate Health Care: Camille’s Story

Growing up with cerebral palsy, Camille received care from a supportive pediatric primary care provider. Upon becoming an adult at age 18, Camille struggled with the uncertainty of transitioning to a new care model for adults.

Fortunately, Camille was connected to a transition clinic that focused on bringing together medical care teams and social workers who helped address her medical needs and more. That’s also where she met her new UnitedHealthcare service coordinator, Petrina.

“She not only cares about you as a person, but she’s dedicated to doing whatever it is to help you along your path,” Camille said. 

Hear from Camille as she shares how the support of a transition clinic team in partnership with her UnitedHealthcare service coordinator helped her get the care she needs and reach some of her life goals.

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