A unique approach to supporting high-risk members: Crystal’s story

Video: A Unique Approach to Supporting High-Risk Members: Crystal’s Story

When an individual with physical health needs and multiple behavioral health conditions interacts with the health care system, it can be extremely overwhelming for both that individual and the care systems that support them. Crystal, a UnitedHealthcare member in the Texas STAR+PLUS program, was experiencing this first-hand. That’s when Barbara stepped in. As a UnitedHealthcare case manager with the Individual Member Analysis & Problem Solving (IMAPS) team in Texas, Barbara became Crystal’s partner in care. Barbara focused on being Crystal’s day-to-day health care advocate – especially in challenging and stressful situations. Barbara communicated with care teams, social workers and community service professionals about Crystal’s behavioral health needs and the best way to support her, ultimately helping Crystal feel safer and more supported – and allowing her to focus on improving her mental health. Watch the video to see how UnitedHealthcare’s continued focus on personalized, supportive care has helped Crystal have a new outlook on life.

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