Insights from Dr. Mohr Peterson: Hawaiʻi Medicaid program

On April 17, 2024 UnitedHealthcare Community & State hosted a live webcast featuring Kalani Redmayne, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Hawaiʻi, and Dr. Judy Mohr Peterson, Medicaid Director and Med-QUEST Division Administrator for the State of Hawaiʻi’s Department of Human Services. Their conversation centered around insights into the success and current initiatives of Med-QUEST, Hawaiʻi’s Medicaid program.

Hawaiʻi is a diverse state, home to over 1.4 million residents, with 19% of residents living in rural areas across eight main islands. Given that resources such as transportation, provider availability and access to broadband internet can create barriers for people living in rural regions, the health plan works to improve accessibility of high-quality care for its members.

The webcast highlights Hawaiʻi Medicaid’s “triple aim of better health”, the recently filed 1115 waiver and the program’s acceptance of the National Association of Medicaid Directors 2023 spotlight award for teamwork displayed during the Maui wildfires.

The full video can be viewed below.  

Video: Insights from Dr. Mohr Peterson: Hawaiʻi Medicaid program

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